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I am looking for the 2012.03.25 Tanaka Breakdown #1 episode, do you have it in 1080p? The mega download link for this episode was quit low quality. If you have it can you please send me the link? thank you so much
Hi Ernie-San

Can you please renew this episode for me? it DL seems expired. Thank you
Thank you SOOOOO much ErnieYoung-San!! one of the best TV shows on Earth!!
Hi Ernie-San

Can I have the link of this one? thank you so much

Can you plz sent me the link, one of the best food series !!

thank you very much
1080i Download (MEGA) LINCOLN 2013.05.14 Classroom with Rola (Lincoln Twitter) LINCOLN 2014.10.08 Field Day Special thank you Ernie-san I am looking for the "Lincoln (2008.02.05) - Classroom with Kojima Yoshio", I only found the episode with subs but not HD version, do you have it the ori...
Hi Ernie-San Sorry for bothering you all the time, can you update these episodes for me please? Big thanks!! ame ta-lk 2016.02.04 - Oriradi and the Same Class Geinin ame ta-lk 2016.03.03 - Nobita's Papa Mama Geinin ame ta-lk 2016.03.17 - 2nd Therefore I Dislike It ame ta-lk 2016.05.05 - Guitar Geini...
Hi Ernie-san

Can you please update this episode for me? I am a Jojo fan. Do you have the 1st Jojo Geinin episode? If you have it can you also please PM the link to me.

You are a legend!! thank you as always!!

Can you plz send the links of both extra footage? You are a legend!! Thankx
Hi guys, Does anybody know the song name on when the Thai Kick Guy fell from the cliff? That song was also used in No Laughing Detective but I have no luck finding the song. I would appreciate if anyone knows that song name and post it. Thanks in advance. Probably it's 聖母たちのララバイ/岩崎宏美 Madonna-tachi ...
There's a new private tracker (torrent site) for Japanese Variety Shows (AOX wen't belly up on variety show department). If someone's interested in joining, send me a message and I'll see what I can do. Here are some of the shows that are there: ItteQ, Tetsuwan Dash, Monitoring, Sukatto Japan, VS A...
Hi Ernie San

Can you plz send me the dl link of this Ep, this one sounds interesting,

Thank you
Hi Ernie San

Can you plz update the "ame ta-lk 2017.11.26 - Kamen Rider Geinin #3"?

thank you so much
Thank you Ernie San

Can you plz send me the link for this one?
Thank you so much Ernie San

But ame ta-lk 2017.06.11 - Salisbury Steak Daisuki Geinin is still not available, can you plz update again?

thanks again :D