As stated above I'm still testing it so it's not yet public. I hope I can find the time to finish it during the weekend.
Anyone interested in episodes 400 and up? Still got most of them. Kind of had a stroke of Gaki today guys and remembered it's been a few years since j-show was online and I made this promise. So today I made a new tracker which I'm still putting to the test and will be available in the next few day...
Uploaded the 360p version to my account, here is the link:!SRlAXCLQ!Df5fszVBW ... 2PXrxkJOZo

Hope it helps.

Cheers and happy new year!
Anyone interested in episodes 400 and up? Still got most of them.
Perhaps some day a crazy fansubber will sub 'em all! :D
I have most of the 1-100 eps, uploaded 'em to the tracker; &
So that means you have the complete collection now? :)
Hey Joker! I've got around 75% of them, some missing mostly eps around 400-500 I'm uploading the ones I have to my torrent tracker so you can DL them there if you need any Currently I uploaded episodes from 1-350, many people are good enought to seed as long as my 2 seedboxes so downloading should n...
Could someone please re-upload the hard subbed parts to a DDL service that's not **** for free users, please? Suggestions, IFile, Peeje, Mediafire or upafile. I'd appreciate it. And/Or upload it to a public Dailymotion/Youtube profile so I can stream it on my 360. Use torrents MediaFire is deleting...
video removed :/
Thank you! :). Will start uploading then :)
thank you so much for helping out, had plans to release the Kiki series myself but you just saved me some work . With a community like this I'm sure we can make the tarcker a success! P.S. Today more early episodes will be uploaded -- 23.05.2012, 15:45 --Would anyone be willing to help seed? Kinda c...
HeHe you had quite a bit of luck then :).
To be honest... A friend went to Tokyo he went to the DVD rental place... The rest is history. I could not find anywhere to order them that would ship outside Japan.
There was a power outage at the hosting, due to a storm. It's back now :)