Thanks Ernie
Ayaka wrote:
I can get Johnny's Countdown but I'll have to check if the source I can get it from allows sharing. I also wasn't sure if anyone here on this forum was interested in Johnny's idols.

I enjoy the collaborations during the show. Also I heard that Kat-Tun reunited and will start back up in 2018
thanks Ernie. Will you have Kohaku Uta Gassen and Johnny's Countdown?
Just saw a report that the show is ending in March.
any chance of re-upping the links? Just tried to download but they are down.
Dynasty wrote:
Was any reason given in the article?

This seems like it would be surprising news to most given Tanaka's nice guy image.

nope. The interesting thing is that Tanaka has custody of both of the kids. I heard that it's extremely rare in Japan for a man to get custody of kids over a woman.
TV Asahi aired a special last week (I believe it was on 3/12) that ranking the greatest wrestlers in NJPW. Any help gladly appreciated. From what I remembered it aired after the WBC game.
Thanks Ernie
Can someone upload the last SmapXSmap. This is their goodbye show since they are breaking up at the end of the year and they are not taking part of Kohaku.
did they air the wrestling episode yet?? it was an ad in a prior episode if it already aired ernie please i look around and the spotty bot translation says its a dvd or something not sure question about the kamen rider episode (will spoiler tag it if it is a spoiler) did they show the room that hir...
Does anybody know where I can watch or download Music Day 2016?
If you mean the 24/7 stream, he moved to Ustream.