Thank you! Now we can have the best video quality with the best audio.
Can you do the same with your other release? (hospital, haunted hotel etc)
Nice! But they changed the BGM so that's the only part that I dont like.
Probably fine if you guys are first time watchers
Can you upload all of the 2hr special or any special episodes that you have? Preferably the ones that never uploaded in this forum before.
I like to see all the openings.
How many Team Fight actually are they? Some list as 20 but I got 71 as posted by someone here. And they don't have the same list.
Ah the popular Hustle show or
Hustle ka mashite yo ka desu ka?!

sadly I never seen any full show of this, probably no one ever recorded it before.

btw kinda strange to see NinetyNine mostly appear on FujiTV than other station.
It's 1994.10.02 #115.

Also we do have a complete archive of all the episodes thanks to TofuPanda
Thank you as always Ernie Would you happen to know when. what looked like behind the scene video comes on HULU or did i misunderstand? It's here: m Thank you as always, Ernie-san! Do you happen to know if the 20 min video is the full behind-the-scenes special? Just watch it, then you'll know. No ne...
4 hours its even longer now!
That was quick, they had Sazae-san sp just last month.
Been waiting for this every year!
Thank you!
Hi guys, Not sure if anyone posted this yet but it seems hamada and yabe are doing a show together, can anyone give a short description about it?? Heres a link: m Its the second season of sentosha (battle cars) where both team use cars to do 'battles' such as obstacle race and sumo wrestling. The m...
We rarely do torrents, we usually offer direct download via Mega, which you can find very easily.
I've been waiting for this!

Thank you!
I've been waiting for this.
Thank you!
This sounds like Toso-chu.

Now I wonder, what happened to Toso-chu? There's no new episode since last january.