Yay! =)
Oh my gosh I laughed so so hard at Matsumoto! =D
Haha, I meant that the suits made them look good. =)
Well 'cept for Yama-chan lol.
I kinda liked the old format better, esp. the Hospital Batsu. I was hoping they'd scare Tanaka a whoooole lot more 'cos his constant 'fright falls' are absolutely EPIC! Still enjoyed the batsu though, their spy costumes were real neat! =D Wonder whether the building was built or rented, it would be ...
Ah okay YAY! It's finally confirmed! =D

My country has the exact same statue called the Merlion, and it's the national icon. So does it mean Faye's from Singapore?

Use download helper the mozilla addon. Small but, better than nothing I guess. After that if u want to convert it, use Any Video Converter. All free =)
Not really an FAQ but, I have this burning question about Cowboy Bebop.

Anyone remembers Faye's memory tape having a white statue of an animal with an upper body of a lion, and the lower half of a fish?

Or was it my imagination? 8o

If you're able to, it'll be great! Thanks a bunch! =D

Hello, I've found anther longer version! =D Although I don't know whether its the full one or not. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRXP-Q_qgk8 This is part 1 of 5. The rest can be found easily after that. Anyway thanks for subbing the condensed version, 'cos I never really knew what was being s...
Thanks =D

It's darn hell funny, but I've always wondered why Hamada kept hitting Matsumoto's mother =/
Hi all, FOUND THE MISSING KIKI SERIES! =D If you count the Nikuman as #9, then this would be #8 I guess. Here's the link: http://www.veoh.com/search/videos/q/publisher:gawuorg#watch%3Dv15886816CcmpJrfy If anyone knows the date & episode number of this recording, please let me know =) Thanks!

After a whole of searching, I finally found the missing Kiki Series! =D

It's Toothpaste! Everyone please help look for it! I'm trying to now. Thanks!


Was uploaded by user gakifan on youtube and veoh, but they've been removed.
The newest one is Bull Fighters, #965 (26 July 2009) :P