Anyone remember a scene where Okamura played an old politician or something and the other mechaike members played reporters and they kept shoving microphones in his face? If you know of a link, please share cause I'd like to watch it again! Here you go!
Matsumoto is a freaking hulk :lol:
Photo from Matsumoto twitter:

Amazing episode! I wish they would make album and Hamada Bamyu Bamyu will do live :D .
2014.12.14. Obachan from Gaki no Tsukai set a Guinness record in "kissing as much as possible people in 30 seconds".
You can read more here -
This is your first sub?!!?! YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Here a document about Matsumoto promoting R100 in Canada.
This - is pilot episode of
"100 Seconds Dr. Academy" aired 2013.06.23. Watch: Last Episode of lincoln, enjoy and R.I.P... Last episode of Akan Watch: Download: http://...
Wow, i always want to watch Tabizaru with sub. You've made me so happy. Keep up good work! Watch: Download: