Hopefully subbers will get it done, thanks for everything guys. I will just recap and watch 2014 Butso game while waiting for 2015. :rock: I have been away for so long so no excuse. small donation as a contribution for the subs. Thanks a lot, without this site, I can't watch anything.
thanx alot for the eps :drunk:
Nice job Zurui-Sama great as usual 8)
already on Youtube and the uploader hv his on blog and contribute sub videos to this site also :^) (zurui )
LOL thanks Am fan of Jackie and He can understand a little Japanese LOL :x
:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: U r the best Thanks for the subs uploading and re-uploading U r AWESOME 8) ( FlydayChinatown )
Ty for the video was good :drunk:
One of the best shows ever :^) :geek:
Thanks for the show and the links :rock:
God !!! Is there more men Like Yamazaki in this world? :^)
He never win, What The Hell and Always run that was the best part :D

Thanks for the vidoes torrent and the direct links :bow:
Thanks that was One of the greatest Batsu Game I ever seen and I Thank u for ur work :bow:
The only weird thing is that instead Matsumoto laugh as usual he is been judgmental on the poor guy While Hamada Laugh his ass all the video. Note Matsumoto had his hair so the video is kind old but I like it. No subs but easy to understand some jokes Part 3 was funny so I will put it while there is...
The videos had been deleted |( As usual.
Youtube take this :finger:
WOW that was funny 8) Thanks zurui. As always best of the best ty :bow:
Thank You U R AWESOME this is the best eps in Mitsuru San :rofl:

U R the Best . :clap:
Also am visiting ur blog once in a while and if u add the deleted videos from Youtube ur blog will be More Than AWESOME 8)