ame ta-lk 2017.06.29 - Manga Daisuki Geinin 本屋で マンガ大好き芸人 m ame ta-lk_170629_Manga Daisuki It was deleted T-T I have this one! If Ernie is OK with it I can reupload it real quick for you since he might be bogged with lots of other reupload requests. He already updated the link n send me t...
ErnieYoung wrote:
ame ta-lk 2017.06.29 - Manga Daisuki Geinin
本屋で マンガ大好き芸人!qZ8jXAwZ
ame ta-lk_170629_Manga Daisuki

It was deleted T-T
GnT becomes more and more like the old Dragon Ball TV Series....
The reason why Yama=chan's voice is different because he was trying to monomane/impersonating the real singer XD
Thanks a lot~
helps me a lot to choose what to watch ^.^
love the one phrase karaoke series XD
for Hamada, it's true,, u can notice him did it at Gaki's free talk when he read viewer's lettters XD
tho never noticed Matsumoto's habit, eventho it's kinda unique to do it :p
anyone know the full episode of it? I only found one on youku here's the link m I wonder if anyone have a full episode of it.. or that's all Nacchi's part on it? since at the last segment, they seems to talk bout having a medley song.. I really love this episode XD,, kinda know how Matthew's feel Na...
also the one on the batsu games (Matsumoto Haunted Batsu and Onsen Batsu Game)?
maybe u have some "back stage secret" or stuffs to share :p
Welcome Back~
Gaki's door id always opened for family, friends and everyone.
Agree with new emoticons.
doesn't need to be animated one, just Gaki emoticons would be good
like Matsumoto's laugth emoticon, Hamada's evil emoticon.. and others.

too bad I'm not a good artist or cartoonist myself.
Chinese Zodiac 12 (Amour of God 3)

sadly, it's the Last Jackie Chan's big Action movie....
good story, good action, and comedy intermezzo. Typical Jackie Chan's movie, enjoyable and funny..
too bad some of the detail isn't explained
Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action) hmm, maybe 8/10 Needless to say, it's muuuuch better than Hollywood's anime/manga/game live action good action, nice adaptation.. but it's lack Kenshin's Comedy like Yahiko, Sano and Kaoru's quarrel, Kenshin's silly act and his "Oro?" Also Hajime Saitou in the...
Question: since the subbers team is form,, will you sub the "Unseen Footage" too? will the team stop after this batsu game finished? or become weekly subbers of new episodes or Gaki? or any other unsubbed Gaki show?

And Thanks A lot for the subs,, we're nothing without you :)
Couldn't help but notice DownTown/Gaki related show to some anime/manga some that I notice is Binbougami Ga! (manga): there's a scene where Binbougami is watching Suberanai hanashi (forgot the chapter and page) and there's a panel to decide some games like Yamasaki VS Moriman
yup, the 2 girls is different,, le one from Spy's panel is called Misa-chan the staffs set her up to trap Endo's playboyish nature XD then the one who showed up during Edo Jidai is Morisaki, other tarento Endo picked up (don't know if this is also set up from the staffs, but I don't think so :p) and...