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-edit: i'm back! so if you have reup requests now is the time to state them. just drop me a pm with the thread link.
Huzzah, thanks alot to everyone involved.
I have no idea what could be wrong. I have sound so unless there are others with the same problem I would say it's just you. Did you download all 4 parts of the archive before unpacking?
Sorry for the delay, uploaded 6 more episodes to make up for the downtime . Also changed the archive format to 7z. Should you have any trouble unpacking, update your winrar or whatever you may be using or change to 7zip. 3 more episodes to come for 2012 and after that, as promised, 1080p Episodes of...

here you go. depositfiles links are still up. it's 720p softsub so just delete the subtitle track and you've got the raw.
another 3 episodes added. also added the episode numbers as requested. still have more to upload. in other news, after i'm done with 2012 i'll start with the 2013 1080p uploads.
1080p version:

Password: gaki-no-tsukai.com

also japanese captions:
Uploading all 720p Episodes from 2012 that I have. The encoder did a sloppy job cutting out the ads so there are still a few ads in there. edit: also i just noticed the original uploader got the dates wrong, probably using the dates it aired on ytv who get the episodes couple days later. So for the ...
I'll start uploading / encoding as soon as I get my new harddrive then ;) So within next week.
I've got a couple 720p episodes from 2012 also some 1080p of 2013. Is anyone actually interesed in those? If so I would upload them some time.
Willkommen im Forum.

(btw, jedoch = aber ? )

correct, they are synonymous
no mega from me. i don't have any trust in that company after reading the indictment of mu, history of schmitz and megas tos.
haha, the only gaki i have burned to dvd is from 1996 and of course you have something i don't so now i have to burn them all again ;P I've got the complete #304, will upload sometime tomorrow.
Except for streaming sites there was absolutley no incident where my files or my account was deleted for copyright reasons. Just make sure that you always password protect the archive and give it a name that doesn't imply any copyrighted material. About mediafire: I've ran into trouble with their no...