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Mega is asking me for a decryption key.

Found it, but that link wouldn't activate until I went back later.
I was a bit confused before I realized that this was an older episode. I don't want to give any spoilers, but I guessed I could eat about as much these guys before the end. The only problem is, I should stop watching this on an empty stomach. No takoyaki shacks close to my flat. I saw the yakiniku e...
P3P wrote:
I fond it in Dailymotion, thanks to 48hrs for the upload!
Part1 | Part2

Part 2 has been removed from Daily Motion. Serves me right for trying to sleep after watching the first half.
You misunderstood why I think the guy (maybe Kenny) is a jerk. I think he's a jerk because of the way he treats the talent. He could be a skosh more polite. I'll PM you with box covers of the guy. But like I said, I don't think it's Kenny.
If that's the guy I think it is (I'm not actually sure), then he's only average and a bit of a jerk. There is a guy who looks sorta like Kenny, but he's very prolific and somebody would have noticed him on the show right away.
I hope they bring in Tomomitsu Yamaguchi for this. I don't know the format, but that guy can tell some creepy stories over radio. Even if he's some sort of emcee, he can really set the mood.
Not sure what you mean by full erotic, but Beach 9 might be a good place to start. J-addicts.blogspot.com July 18 has Bikini Butt Pump Game. Hosted by a creepy old dude who happens to have a business empire built on boner pills and other libido enhancers, and an ex-porn star, it usually features 2 n...
Il y a aussi beaucoup de sophistication gastronomique. J'ai pris le dîner quelquesfois dans un restaurant italien. Il n'existe plus, selon Google Maps, La brezza di mare à Toyosu, un quartier de Tokyo. C'était le restaurant préféré de mon beau père. Il y a plusieurs d'exemples de fraponnais aux cale...
D-addicts.com might have some. There's a hit when I do a Google search, but it might be outdated. There are also clips on Youtube, but you said you wanted downloads.
This was nice, but I find it hard to believe that Japanese guys are so sexually handicapped and that Japanese women are so sexually naive. I will admit that a few of the techniques are quite good, but the dudes' reaction are stunted. A simple hello would do wonders for these men and women.
Thanks Royaltree. It's not Gaki no Tsukai, but it's still my favourite non-Gaki related show. I thought I saw Akemi Darenogare on the panel, as part of some image correction campaign. For those interested, Akemi is a talento who took part in the Gaki "No Navi" miniseries. It isn't her, and...
As it turns out, this is the same Enoshima that I went to. Subs would be good, but I am more than happy to wait. It seems that Hamada has managed to avoid the tourist spots of the town, maybe there will be a part 2. Never got me one of those ebisenbei. I would have enjoyed it. I was always told that...
I've been there. Really nice place, but I couldn't get out of there fast enough. That is, the Enoshima next to Kamakura. Apparently, there's an aquarium there. Never saw it.
I've seen MM on a show with DT a few times before. I just realised it was Heyx3. I'd like to see more episodes of this show where the guys play games with the guests. Is there an index somewhere which summaries the content of each episode?