sil_musashi wrote:
I have a question. Could you show me how to combine 3 sub file to 1 .ass file?

I've known how. Thank you for uploading.

yes but i don't know how to view you that.
But do you have teamviewer than it's possible, and why do you want the three in one
KingOnline wrote:
thank u for subtitle

but this site is blocked can u upload in another like mediafire :)

and thanks again ^_^

of course my friend here you go :rofl:
Hi everyone I don't know how to make a topic in to "complete subtitle" But here is the subtitle's (Sync) for Airport batsu HD (720p) Version - 5.6 GB torrent of kanzaki I sync it my self so if there is an error don't get mad. Download link Down...
Thanks really great can't wait to see it. But maybe i am asking somthing stupid but where is the sub file for the torrent..? (Cause i don't saw it at the sub section) and on zurui's blog it look like it was subt but torrents are much faster with my donwload speed on upload site's :p XD I am sorry i ...
i think you are maybe right :rofl: ;(
Zurui got it both for stream and download. I'm not sure if it is subbed though stream: download: m thanks for your quick response but i have already watch the weak character punishment but i did not saw it the piece whats ...
I cannot wait too see it
I also always wanted to be in a no-laughing batsu game with the 5 stars of cource :rofl: not that i am good in not - laughing
it just looks so much fun :rofl: :P
Yo everybody I have a question Does somebody knows from which episode this picture is and do you have it subbed please I want to see it so bad and my japanese is not very good so i don't understand every thing what they are saying どうもありがとうございました Dōmo arigatō gozai...
thanks :bow: :bow:
Thanks :rofl:
cool thanks
thanks,,,,konya ga yamada!!
thanks man yout great