thanks a lot, loved this
zazen boys - asobi
major lazer - pon de floor
neutral milk hotel - king of carrot flowers pt. 1
the velvet underground - after hours
zoo kid - out getting ribs
Thanks hand, would love to see videos on vimeo in the future too.

This was a really great episode i thought - it was a great story, even made me a bit teary.
However it seems they missed out on a lot of footage, I wish they had made this into a SP :(
I love 27 hour long specials
Having trouble viewing videos on pandora :(

All I'm seeing is the logo?
Really sad to hear that, hand. Hopefully we can find episodes somehow until you can again.


So glad this site exists, love Japanese TV

Also, does anyone else know if there are any other episodes similar to this?
Sounds interesting - i hope they credit the original show on air too so people know about it's origins :)