I would like to request a link Ernie.
Thanks in advance. :clap:
I would like to request a link Ernie.
Thanks in advance. :clap:
Ernie Young or a other forum member is it possible to upload this link again.?
I lost the file due to a HD faillure ;(
can sombody upload this file again?
ive lost the subfile after my hd crash ;(
So Suga san decides to retire if i understand this article correct.
Age and hard intense working led to his decision.
Its a great loss but understandable.

Here the link to the article
http://netallica.yahoo.co.jp/news/20140 ... 00048-cobs
Any download links availbe for this last episode?
Its a nice to have this one in our gaki forum collection.
Seems that gakifiles blogspot from zurui is gone to :@
Welcome KazumaSanjaya

Dont worry about your hannicap or english , my english is by far more worse than yours for sure. :P

I hope you have a nice time here on the forum.
I believe there was also a other episode of gay Endo
Dunno wich episode that was.
Hi guys I remember a show where Matsumoto Interviewed some guests like a coffee break news in the morning. The guest face was always blurred and when Matsumoto interviewed the guest he had to hold his laughter. I know one of the guest was Itao Itsuji. The setting of the show was simmilar to the ones...
Tsukitei Hosei it sounds so awful
Anyway thanks for the link! :bow:
Nice one!
sometimes I forget on the internet, people aren't the same nationality or roughly the same age as me so they are coming from a totally different angle. If I come across sounding condescending, I apologize in advance. But if you think the staff want Chiaki and Endou back together again or for that m...
Wel from what i understand ( im not vey good in japanese i was lucky to have a japanese family member beside me). Endo was dat dating a girl with whom he did some training(call it s.x) Also he was trying to seduce a other woman wich eventually came onto the stage behind the head master samurai. You ...