Ap2000 wrote:
There's going to be a GC:CX movie !

Possibly because Hamada was with his family and Matsumoto didn't want to disturb them?
Here's another one, pretty short compared to the others though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EXZqn9HtKc
I think she overreacted tbh, idols sign a contract that strictly states "no relationships" or something of that nature, she knew she was breaking the rules when she did it, yet I don't think she should have shaved her head. I actually like her.
That site must be super slow or something cos clicking those buttons do nothing.
Not sure if anyone's heard of snesbox.com, But you can now play nostalgic snes games via browser, just uses flash. Some people might prefer zsnes, but for those that don't wanna download a bunch of stuff, you can just go to that website and play them there. Have your own little Gamecenter CX thing g...
If you got the money can just pay 10 bucks and register and not worry about it. *shrugs*
Anyone have the Tanaka part to this one?
Everything is scary!
That song..stuck in my head now.
Make him do flips.
I used wikipedia. :P