I have a question, do you know what show is that at the end with Jimmy Onishi? Is this something that will be soon on TV it was already aired? I wonder if that Jimmy's house? His TV is from 90's or older and I see bunch of VHS tapes. That's next week's episode. Jimmy will have to showcase a random ...
I would like to see Hosei succeed for once, just to see Chono's reaction.
What a coincidence, two games with Dreams in the title one after the other.
espen wrote:
12.11.2020, 23:04
Is the download broken for anyone else?
I worked for me but I downloaded it yesterday.
The link looks active right now.
This has been an ongoing issue for years, at least on my system. I use Google Chrome. For me it worked without a problem (on Firefox), up until the forum upgrade/re-haul. That would be because I needed to change the cookies that the forum uses to remember logins, therefore basically logging everyon...
PSA: Matsumoto spoiled the winners on twitter.
To me TV Chidori feels extremely close to GnT, I wonder how the show will evolve now that they are shifting the airing time from 0:15 to 10:25 pm, hopefully they will get a bigger budget now.
Can anyone upload this show? It looks very interesting. ;( If you search the title of the show in Kanji on Google and you set the length to 20 minutes+ in the advaced filtering options, you can find it. Prepare for the lowest quality audio/video ever though. The best way to look for episodes with t...
Flame88 wrote:
21.07.2020, 16:14
Every time i close and reopen browser i need to login again, site is not remembering my login status.
This has been an ongoing issue for years, at least on my system.
I use Google Chrome.
Panel De Pon is so difficult, I don't think Arino will ever beat it.
I hope they will play it again in future episodes/specials, watching Kibe panicking never gets old.
There is going to be another live talk episode tomorrow with Arino, Abe and Fujimoto:
https://twitter.com/gccx_official/statu ... 52736?s=20
Finally an episode with guests I am familiar with.
For those who don't know, KAJISAC has a Youtube channel which features many interesting interviews with famous geinin, I'll like those with Tanaka and Endo below:



Hamaguchi talks about this episode of Downtown Now here:
The episode was quite awesome, thanks as always Ernie-san. Also I'm REALLY looking forwards to the Dream Match, so many awesome names it's definitely gonna be fun. I love the fact that Ernie cuts all the commercials but leaves uncut the interesting announcements for new specials/shows. It's difficu...
It looks like Kamaitachi's plan backfired, I wasn't expecting the madness that took place in the last section of this episode.
I loved the shinkansen bit at the beginning but I think Matsumoto went a bit too far with the second one. Yes the analogy with the bath deodorant was amazing at describing what Matsumoto experienced while looking at the shaved face of the writer, but I still think the shimoneta bit wet too far, Mat...