manganese wrote:
30.03.2023, 00:24
Thanks but seems like that’s just episode #356
I guess I skipped over that bit of your post.
manganese wrote:
29.03.2023, 01:10
Anyone come across the recent trio of specials that aired on the 27th? I asked over at Nigoli's page but I'm at a loss for where else they (new GCCX specials) may be found these days.
Very low quality and it won't last long:
Nigoli has been active for years, this doesn't mean much but hopefully it's just a temporary break.
The latest episode is also available on Dailymotion as of writing but it's 720p.
TVer is not loading fro me, so probably have to watch from Japanese IP address. There is a Chome plugin that allows you to watch from a JP IP address. However, there are some risks involved because it's a two-way service. Basically you allow a user from another country to tunnel trough your connect...
sad for this one too, no more knightscoops :worried: There are a few kind souls that upload them to Dailymotion every week but the videos are usually taken down after a few days. There are also other lower quality sources if you search hard enough on google, try to look for the name of the show in ...


The link will likely be taken down soon, so watch early or make a rip if you can.
You are welcome to post other sources/links for this episode you find around the net. 1. When asked to find things clearly impossible to find, the joy when they are found wins over any doubt that it might all be a set-up. 2. Monster Love. Personally I don't like the Kurochan reality "kikakus", but I definitely recommend everyone to ...
Special guest - Fujimoto Toshifumi (aka Fujimon) from FUJIWARA

It will likely be taken down.
Watch it while it's still available or rip the video and make a backup if you intent to watch it later.
The song is: 川の流れのように (Kawa no nagare no youni) by 美空ひばり (Misora Hibari)
Get used to watching new episodes as soon as possible after they air:
Another episode that I found difficult to imaging outside Japan Definitely. They really pushed it this time, so much so that I found the first half of the episode to be quite cringy. However, it got funnier as they ramped it up to ridiculous levels, it was hilarious by the end, especially when Hama...
Just a heads up for those scrambling to find somewhere to watch new episodes. I found the latest episodes on the following blog: Please don't post the direct links here, visit the blog if you want to access them. The video quality is 720p...