Forgive me for asking but these look like RAW versions? Searching for English hardsub of this Batsu.
gulduck wrote:

Enjoy :)

At a quick glance, where are the English subtitles with this? I am not noticing any. Do you know of a 1080p version with English subs?
Thank you.
Can somebody point me in the right direction of a torrent of No Laughing Treasure Hunter? Preferably 1080p?

Anyone know where a hard sub 1080p in English is?
It might be 6-8 months before I see the hardsub for this one.
I am looking for higher quality versions of No Laughing Hospital, No Laughing School, Haunted Hotel, Hot Spring Inn (Onsen), Yugawara Hotel(?) and OniGokko because all of my copies are 360p to 480p and it doesn't look too well when I am forced to stretch the video window (I use VLC to watch) on my u...
Hello, is there an English hard sub completed full version somewhere?
Is there anyone else but me who getting a sense of deja-vu on each new Batsu release? I am noticing some reuse of the same or similar buildings with a different look, the bus, the two factions bickering, the conferences, the DVD/drawers, the dark scenes and the chase finale? Some brand new stuff wou...
Dumb question, are there any torrents of the full hardsubbed version somewhere yet?
Thanks again for all the hard work everyone has put into this! I waited since November or December 2014 and now I will have to allot 5 hours sometime this week (Friday?) to watch this :D

Many thanks once again!

I must have missed the subtitle file too, thanks! :)
Does anyone know progress on English subbed version?
I wasn't aware there was a new one, thanks guys :)

Can't wait for an English subbed one for the 720p videos :P
Through a friend who showed be some clips via Youtube. Instantly hooked!