I appreciate your hard work, Ernie-san. Please put me on the list.
Thanks for all you do here, ErnieYoung. If you're going to put out a link, I would like to receive it as well.
Love this, Conjyak! Thanks, your subs are some of the best!
Unbelievably hilarious! "Nippon ichi desho" is right!
I agree, Stycki. The 2000-2006 batsu games were the best, because there was a sense of tension, of competition. With the 2007 batsu game, there was a transition from focusing on being those wild kids from the 80s humiliating each other to focusing on big celeb cameos for ratings. To that effect, one...
venomqo wrote:
Has anyone subtitled this yet? thinking of just throwing some rough subtitles on it, even though its fairly self-explanatory.

You have my encouragement.
Thanks, Vatican and ErnieYoung. I like this series. What did Matsumoto say to Tanaka in the beginning?
Matsumoto always avoids the tag section because he has some weird injury or another, it seems.
It's good to see Hamada doing more nori tsukkomi these days - exploring the boundary between boke and tsukkomi, just as Matsumoto is doing.
One of my favorite series!