Just wondering but this is after the Teacher one right or was there something before this?
Does anyone have a torrent which has all of this but in HD?
Are there any subs for the 720p?? if not when you get them can you put a link just below the torrent link?
[The subs don't work for me I renamed them to the same name and everything but no subs at all (i'm using Zoom Player)] Nevermind I got it working... apparently I haven't updated zoom player in 100 years or so >.>
Whats a good program to merge the (3) 720 videos? I tried on movie maker but it just crashed. OR is there a sub file for the 3 videos separately?
I noticed that in other threads that the subtitles are cut up in sections between 30 mins to an 1 hour and yet the 720p torrent one only has 3 files my question is this the full video? and when the subtitles are done will the 720p get it as well?
Where are the subs for the 720p version of the torrent file?