Hi Ernie,

could you send me the link to both specials? Thank you in advance!
Hi everyone. I've been a longtime member of the forum but after moving to Japan haven't been checking the site as regularly as I did back in the UK. I've noticed that ErnieYoung, one of our dearest members, has wisely changed the way he makes the way episodes are available due to the risk involved u...
Hope you can post a link at some point.

I've been lurking for quite a long time since I moved to Japan and not posting, and I'm still missing a good chunk of episodes between 400-600, so it would be great to see those for the first time!
Glad everyone on the board wants to punch this guy in the head. I've been living in Japan a couple of years now, and he turned up on TV maybe a few months ago, and I find him one of the most obnoxious "characters" I've had to endure in a long time. At least Rola/Lola has gone on to make a ...
Hi Ernie,

the last few weeks of 1080 links at Mega don't seem to be working - are you able to check the file are still up?

(Or if someone could furnish me with 1080 links, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for 1268-1271).
If you guys want to run your raw translations past me before you begin subbing, I'll be happy to take a look and do corrections. I'm a pro proofer IRL. Small point - was rewatching the EDF batsu and the scaling effect you used when some of the Japanese subs were changing size looks bad. Do as previo...
Japan is currently GMT + 9 hours. I'll be watching it live on a big telly with a load of Kirins, then off to the shrine after. I did try to get tickets to the screening but it's very complicated and not like, say, the BBC in London where you just apply and get sent a ticket. I'll give it a go for ne...
A small point - could we leave these episode threads to ErnieYoung (or those posting the episodes) so the links to the eps are in the first post. Ernie has been doing a great job maintaining these threads thus far, so it's a bit annoying to have to search for his links halfway through the post.
I've managed to source 14 episodes, including a couple in HD from a Korean site that I'd not seen before. Ripping time for one episode was 6 hours (and I have a very fast connection). Insanity. I've scoured both Japanese and English websites and that seems to be it, sadly. The last episode is also p...
This is a fun show and the last few times I've been in Narita I've looked around to see if they've been filming.

Most of the time it's people from other Asian countries being asked what they bought as souvenirs.

95% of the time...? Green tea Kit-Kats!
I've found some more videos on a Chinese site and I'm trying to use savevideo.me to extract them. However, the d/l time is 5 hours! Not sure if this site is garbage/malware or something yet.

Current total of episodes found: 12
jhivesubs wrote:

A playlist of some 2009 episodes but might have chinese subs: http://www.youku.com/playlist_show/id_3 ... l?sf=10100

There are a few episodes here I've not seen before but I've no idea how to rip from Youku these days - JDownloader no longer works and iSkysoft rips the ads.

Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks Jhivesubs.

Turns out I was actually registered to that site and hadn't been back in 2 years. I've added all the MK episodes to the list but only 4 are still being seeded after 6 (!) years since broadcast. Any upgrades gratefully received.
I coudn't find anything but the 2009 Special, where they go and hide in a shopping mall. You know, the one where Housei appears as a contestant. That's the only episode that's been fansubbed as far as I can see. There are about 7 episodes on Pandora that you can find by searching for "ココリコミリオン...
I'm trying to put together a definitive collection for the community, but I'm having a hard time tracking down episodes. So far, this is the list of episodes I've been able to source (anything less than 100mb is pretty awful quality) - if you have HD or good quality episodes that were taken from D-A...