since there are lots of video versions out there, would gaki team please post a link to what they gonna synch their release to.

Many thanks for the hard work guys.
A request for gaki team, would you mind creating a new thread to post what version of the video you using for your translations, and probably make it the official release thread for any subbing parts that are finished.

Thanks for the great work
I see a lot of people talking about part 8 being out but don't see it posted on subbing team site. Am I missing something?
Am I correct to assume the subbing is not gonna be hard coded for the 720 version?
i.e. I can download a separate sub file for the whole video after the team completes the subbing.

Thanks again to the team
Hi team gaki,
Could you please let us know which file you subbing first, since there is gonna be a butt load of versions out there.
thank you team gaki.
is there a torrent for the video file this sub is synched to?
hello and thanks for the hard work.
question, the sub file is for this video file
since the torrent files posted here don't seem to work, i found this one ... Batsu_2011
but there is no sub file in the torrent, anyone know if there is a sub for this version?

thank you
Hello, first post in this awesome forum.
Would someone kindly post the torrent link of the actual video file that this sub is synched to.

Thanks in advance