Pardon me, I just made a double-post . So I change this post a little. Do you like Japanese cuisine? (I know I'm not really.. ) Yes. Although it took me a long time to try and give it another shot after the first time I tried. I always wanted to eat curry, as in the curry you find on Japan, but eve...
Knudow wrote:

I'll ask the same question I always ask. Can you upload the subtitle file to use with the RAW? Please? :bow:
reyhanartha wrote:
where is dat .ass?


All added on the first post.
Thank you soudou. I missed it somehow. I'll upload a new version whenever I get the chance.

Edit: Since a lot of people downloaded the HD version, I'll just upload the .ass file. It works nicely with the version posted.
Is there a raw file with a better quality somewhere? I used the one from the mega thread.
Let me know if you find any errors or typos.

Hard Sub:
Kiki Castella.mp4(1104x622)

Soft Sub:
Kiki Castella.ass
Kiki Castella.mp4(1440x1080)
(Thanks to ErnieYoung for the HD mp4 file, please thank him here.)
Thanks for sharing that information. Keep up the good work guys.
ratmangaki wrote:
Hidensetsu wrote:
I just hope nobody is working on Kiki Castella.

Does this mean that you are working on it? That is a great episode...

Well, it's good that so many people are working on episodes. The more subs the better, right?
I'm currently 1/3 through the Kiki Castella subtitle.
I just hope nobody is working on Kiki Castella.
Got it.
Thanks for the info, soudou.
Can anyone tell me if this list is updated?
The unsubbed ones are 27,28 and 30 to 33?
I laughed more than I should have at Matsumoto at 1:16 on the video.
TokyoAshes wrote:
isn't there a leave of absence for grief in japan?!

Itao didn't take a leave either after his daughter died.
Comedians are among the strongest people you'll see out there.
I used this when in that situation:
But it really takes a long long time to translate just one line or two.
I think that post Hidensetsu talked about was like a prank. I mean, you don't go and say many stuff about the show you worked on in a Fan Forum of that show, and he also talked about it soo casual, so that could be a bad taste prank. I considered that too, specially after the photo request, to whic...
We never heard from him again...