Any info on what episodes are these?
reup full ep 321 plz
Yes, our team is polish and now a bit japaneese :D. Its strange how translating from Polish to English is much harder than the other way around. Thx for your kind words. This motivates me a lot to keep translating to English :)
Roboty nie brakuje ;)
1 Hamada 2 Matsumoto. Because of Fujiwaras misspelling. 3 6 4 Endo 5 Photoshopped pictures, dvd 6 Endos 7 Hamada 8 3. He wil be a misterious superhero 9 1. In Defence Force tutorial 10 Some one is a saboteur (it turnes out to be Yama-chan) 11 3. Tanaka - 2 Endo - 1 12 Endo 13 Matsumoto 14 Hamada wit...
So the stupid bus is official ;/
In what episode is this challenge?
Yea the bus segment is my least favourite, the scary one is good only because of Tanaka. The best is the one when they open their desks. Oh and the best batsu games are those when Hamada or Matsumoto arent in the game but controll the game :devil:
Radio Station Batsu is doable too
How about Army Base Batsu
Dont know if it's something that everyone already got/saw but...!tNR1GS7D!bWIaBW-Hp ... fg9IukU8-4