ErnieYoung wrote:
02.10.2020, 19:36
Knight Scoop 2020.09.25
1.『UFOスライダーのチャンピオンに挑戦!』 探偵/真栄田 賢
2.『ソフトクリームが巻けない!?』 探偵/たむらけんじ
3.『パピコで離婚!?』 探偵/澤部 佑
ImageKnight Scoop
Was this episode aired on Oct. 2nd as well?
Update: Been a good while since I've been here, so I recently found out some links are currently dead. This is out of my hand since I didn't do a backup of everything at the time, so if anyone has the missing videos, fell free to hmu either here or through private message so I can reupload and updat...
Is there some sort of MEGA or Google Drive folder containing all GCCX episodes? :wasntme:
Thank you to you two. I thought my request would be burried under other topic replies.
It is aired in my region one week late. If you don't mind sharing, where in Japan do you live Ernie? I might be going there at the end of the year, if I happen to be there and if it's okay with you, maybe I can buy you a drink. I think he's from Yamaguchi. His profile used to say so, and I know the...
Does anyone have the SA-GCCX version of episode #94 Densha de GO!! ?
I did find the original (No subs), but these guys made the subs for said episode. Sadly the direct download MEGA link is dead and the torrent takes me to the main page of ;(
Does someone have this particular episode of Damasareta? I've been looking for hours on Google to no avail :(

Thanks in advance.
GGib wrote:
VideogameDC wrote:
Are there any invites left still? :P

Yes. I sent you a PM. :)

Alright, I replied to it :)
Are there any invites left still? :P
GGib wrote:
If Ernie isn't able to get it, you can try the tracker mentioned here. It will be uploaded there: ... =45#p57350

Is it a torrent tracker for Japanese TV shows? Do you have any invites still?
I summon ErnieYoung or anyone available if it's possible to upload the music station special that will air around 12:00 pm JST. Sorry if I came up with it suddenly, it's just that I didn't knew about the special until my girlfriend told me so (she forgot to record it herself :D ).

Cheers everyone :)
Thank you as always, Ernie san. :)

Gauna, I'm dead serious. The last episode of Mecha Ike is 5 hours long since it's the last episode of the whole show. My girl said it was actually a very sad episode :(
Does anyone have the last episode of Mecha Ike? You know, the 5 hour special aired on March 31 (JST) :(
My girlfriend said this Silent Library is as funny as the past ones. I'm curious now. :D
Ernie, I hope you have the Takeshi's Castle worldwide special. :)