Matsumoto has the hairstyle of a typical japanese school vandal! :D
I discovered Running Man last month. I'm on episode 60 and there are more than 200... so I don't even remember the Batsu game until I open this forum with the rest of the daily forums bookmarks xD
I just wanted to finally start watching it, but I'm getting some really bad interlacing, on dailymotion (in 720p) and on the downloadable MP4 file. And none of the VLC deinterlace options that usually work (bob, linear or x) seem to do much. It's extremely irritating and I can't watch this, unfortu...
That was fun!
I think people from D-Addcits decided to go to Nyaatorrents and try to use that for drama torrents.

If you search Iryu you get seasons 1-4 in a lot of qualities to choose and there are people seeding all the torrents :) ... &term=iryu
Yes, I was talking to the people who might download the files, sorry xD

Great quality, and the colors are more vivid than the other releases. Although I don't know if yours is too dark or maybe it's the other videos that are too bright.
I'm extracting it right now!

Edit: 30 mins later... "Bad CRC - Wrong password?"

if you copy-paste the password it adds spaces before it, watch out! :(
Limit per account: 50gb

File limit: As big as your browser can handle

I'd recommend using winrar or 7zip to break the file into multiple parts (without compressing) so it's easier to upload and download. Like 27 1Gb files for example.
And to think that the most "technical" thing I do when re-encoding is adding default options like --tune film or --preset veryslow......
I like having all the raws in one thread. Just PM shikigami and tell him to add your version to the first post when you upload it, so we can have all the raws there :)
Isn't the batsu discussion thread for that? I only come to this one because I want to get news about the project and check if better raw files appear. (This year there's only one video in Nyaatorrents, it's weird :S Last year there were a lot of them from different sources)
I'd prefer waiting 6 or 7 months and having complete subs with notes (explaining cameos and things like that) instead of releasing them in a hurry with mistakes or missing parts. I said this last year on Reddit and got a lot of downvotes and comments telling me that this is something that they do fo...
When the out-of-time lines are something like "From this point onwards everything is 5 seconds late" then I modify the file and save the changes, yes.

But sometimes the subtitles timing changes a lot during the batsu so I just make it simple and press the keys while watching it.
I just wonder if the subs will become offset using a different raw than whatever Team Gaki provides? I'm assuming the points where things are cut would get exponentially different as the video goes on, throwing the timing off. If not then we could use any 1080 version. I just get the raw I like the...