Would it be possible to reupload the episode? The links are down unfortunately :(

Can you send me the password? Cheers
Thanks for the subs!

Maybe someone can change the title to [subbed] so that more people will see this gem? :)
J-Lan wrote:
I subbed the episode. I'm sure there's a few errors here and there. I would appreciate if someone could help me find mistakes and mux or burn the subs to the video.

Where can I find the subs?
I would be very interested in seeing another '500 quizzes'' episode translated :-)
j-addicts has subbed a small segment, you can find it on his website
Thank you!
Some of these videos I haven't seen yet so I'm happy :D
Also, you should add these:
-Mecha-ike: Okamura joins Johnny's Junior (i think it's from 1997)
I found this gaki no tsukai video subbed by shion

I found the Tanaka + Mimura combi subbed:
Going to the mobile site works for me: http://j-addicts.blogspot.be/?m=1 no need to mess with avast settings that way
A real solution would be for Ace to remove whatever is bothering avast. Could it be the recent shoutbox that he implemented in his site?
Done, i hope you get some interesting results :)
A few months ago a person on this forum said he met Tanaka at some sort of pool event.
He said he took some pictures but I don't think he posted them yet.