New episode from WDTP!


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New segment from wednesday downtown translated and up on the website! Super big thanks to Kannibleklown and Saalow for subbing this! ... challenge/

Thank you so much Ernie for your continued dedication to this community!

Another translated Wednesday downtown for ya! :bow:

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gesichtspalme wrote:
Oh god yes I've been starving for something nice to watch. I've been stuck in bed for days gobbling up painkillers like smarties.
Thanks a lot. :clap:

Oh poop! That's not good at all. Hope ya get better! Yeah this is a long one too.

Hi all! Just letting ya'll know we finished and uploaded a fully subbed episode on the WDTP website! Enjoy! :hug:

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tekno wrote:

They switched sites but haven't updated this post

Thanks for reminding me. Updated the post :)