I waited until last year's batsu game was fully subbed before I watched it. So, it seems like it's only been a few months since "last year".
Hosei's score is hard to believe.
This looks like it could be very interesting.

The only problem I see is that by interviewing 107 different entertainers, there may not be enough time for many of them to go in depth about their thoughts.
I thought it was a bit weak when the show did Enthusiastic Teachers after having already done students.

This is worse, especially when "No Laughing Firefighters" gets predicted every year.

And, what's Heipo doing on the back of the bus?
I'm sure everybody here appreciates so much effort being made. However, all the videos have an annoying visual effect added to them (presumably to avoid automated detection). I doubt anybody is going to want to watch the videos with that effect. I didn't notice any way to watch the video without the...
This has an English sub.

Part 1https://vk.com/video366941468_456239017

Part 2: https://vk.com/video366941468_456239018
This Kirsten Dunst cover of "Turning Japanese" is from 2009. But, I've never heard of it before today and a search of these forums didn't come up with a match.

So, here it is.

Gaki's famous Obachan makes an appearance at 3:54

I didn't see any other links for this subbed video.

(ENG SUB) Gaki no Tsukai #859 (2007.06.17) — Eating contest (vs Galsone)

https://vk.com/videos-7016284?section=a ... 4_55752445
A Shouhei episode didn't appeal to me. So, I didn't bother watching this when it first came out with subs.

However, this episode was spectacular. Shouhei was great in it.
This show and a couple others like it (wearing lots of clothing on a hot day or little clothing on a cold day) don't usually lead to laughter.

Instead, the members just seem to complain about the miserable conditions they're forced to endure.
Now I want to see a subbed episode of Seibu Keisatsu.
Was any reason given in the article?

This seems like it would be surprising news to most given Tanaka's nice guy image.

But, I've forgotten most of the story.
This episode was awesome.

I was surprised to not see more dirty tactics from Hamada.