Good job, a collaboration of popular detectives and then so many deaths in a variety show. :D :D

Thank you so much Ernie !!
I re-watched these episodes all afternoon and my jaw hurt from laughing so much. :D :D Love the manga, anime, games and tv movie parodies, especially the school and amusement park episodes. Super Mario, Run for Money, Money Bullies and Coins series are always good. Sissonne's Jiro, the teacher of Ky...
Awesome! Thank you very much Ernie! This is one of my favourite shows. :inlove:

Fist of the North Star skit and the Japanese Academy Awards were hilarious.

Watched it twice and their parodies still made me laugh like an idiot. :D

Love this show and looking forward to more episodes. Thanks again Ernie!
Creepy surprise is the trademark of this show. :D :D

Thank you Ernie!!
This is complete footage when staff questioned Kurochan about his untruthful tweets. :D
When staff were searching for someone who never leaves the island, there were two series of manga on the desk:

自殺島 - Suicide Island
彼岸島 - Higanjima (a horror island full with vampires and monsters)

LOL I love these details! :D :D

ErnieYoung wrote:
More! More! Why did you come to Japan? Z - the next episode will be on 8th May.

Thanks for the update Ernie! :)
No worries Arlekin. More! More! Why did you come to Japan? Z is a spin-off; a new series on Tuesday. The original show is on Monday. Why did you come to Japan? - the next episode will be on 16th April. More! More! Why did you come to Japan? Z - the next episode will be on 17th April. Thank you Ernie...
Every cameraman falls asleep and kept filming away from NasuD :D

Happy there will be more episodes on the shark island, and can't wait for a new chapter of Tribe Earth! whoohoo! :inlove:

Thank you Ernie!!
As expected, the never ending story, happy there are more to watch. Also building a hut and stove reminds me Primitive Technology , totally awesome, highly recommended. NasuD's fishing skill is great, maybe he will get to build a raft f...
Supreme! really good episode, totally Ougon Densetsu, :inlove:

I like the interaction of the cameraman and NasuD, really fun. :D

Looking forward to more of 'the last chapter'. Thank you Ernie!!
Hilarious, Kano's fake animals were too funny. Too bad this show got delayed a year for Kano's scandal, what he said at the interview made sense now. The eggplant picture cracks me up. Any one does tribe adventure now is compared with NasuD again. LOL The tree house is amazing, thank you Ernie!!
Good fun! One of my favourite shows as well as Mechaike. Sadly both shows will be ended in March.

Happy to see they are doing popular themes again without budget cuts. :D

Thank you Ernie!!
OH OH OH! my favourite show! Happy to see this final episode again, so many memorable moments, still fun and love it. :D :inlove:

Thank you for 1080 quality. Ernie!!
Awesome, may I also have the link please. Thank you Ernie!!