Just asking, I saw the extras from the prison batsu and in the beginning the 5 members are wearing t-shirts with the image of obachan dancing, any one knows if this is because some special reason? Maybe some kind of hommage?

PS: I wanna see that translated soooo bad :P
Made it myself, love Matusmoto face xDD

Well, a lot of predictable jokes, probably we knew a lot of things that were coming, but i laughed A LOT, and for me that´s mission accomplished, but hell, if i already saw every batsu like 30 times already and i know how all the jokes are and i still laugh, i really dont care too much if they do &q...
Guys if you want the 3 part subs you can find them here http://www.gaki-no-tsukai.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3340&start=285 thanks to daakhelmit, works great.
I noticed a tiny grammar error in the first video when they were still in the bus, I believe it's when the boy & girl with her father scene, matsumoto said : they are Laughed at the... anyone knows whats she name? thank you ^^ She is Yoshitaka Yuriko and she is really beautiful...
Lol that was funny, specially Matsumoto hahaha.
On the other hand, that would be such a stunning calamity if really would happen... ;( ;( ;( dont wanna even think about it...
Gaki Expert!!

You should really start subbing the new Batsu games for the rest of us, show off...
You scored 97.78% of the possible points for this test.

I think i missed the curry one... :lol:
V-KeiGuy88 wrote:
Vega wrote:
she is soo dam sexy :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Yeahhh!!! I absolutely agree ^__^<3

Agree as well, i´ve always saw her as kazuo nishio, but since i saw her at the spy batsu i realized that she is really pretty!!! :inlove: :inlove:
Maybe a new version of the haunted hotel would be pretty nice, but this time with all 5 Gaki members And maybe a celeb, who was only present once in the entire batsu game history (as far as i know.) I only say: "uFOOOOOOOOO!" XDD Haunted Hotel with the 5 of them would be great, i tought a...
I would like to see the return of some "sleep scenes" and Konya Ga Yamada again!!! And im like counting the days to new year already xD
Mmmm kinda hard to pick just five

Armin van Buuren - Gaia - Status Excessu D(actually all of him, but this one is superb)
W (snif...damn UFW...I hate you)
Yanni - Live at the Acropolis
Yoshida Brothers
And a ton of soundtracks...lol
Looks good, but cant beat Satoshi Kon´s animes yet (at least for me lol).
Hi I notice that this song wasn't on the list and I don't think anyone have posted it here but in no laughing Spy around 01:05:40 they are playing "Bourne" theme song Thats Moby - Extreme Ways hi guys, wonder if someone can help in this: what's the song that plays in the hotel batsu game ...
Does anyone know why Shun changed his name from the 2 previous episodes? I tried a google search, but came up with no results using either of his names. The only thing I can think of is that he decided to pursue a career in showbiz but it didn't turn out so well. I saw that detail as well...but i c...