Thank you so much Ernie-san, I love this show and was always hoping you'd upload it!
今年もよろしくお願いします :)
From what I understood from the intro, the rules allow partecipation of combis that were formed no more than 15 years ago. So this was the last chance to compete for both Jaru Jaru and Super Maradona, who started performing in 2003. :!:
Ernie-san, could you send me this episode when available? Thank you
Could you send me the link, Ernie-san? Much appreciated, thanks
Ernie, could you send me the episode as well? Thanks!
I'd like to receive the episode as well, thank you Ernie!
Ernie-san, could you please send me this episode and the 2HR special from the day before? Thank you :)
Could you PM me the link Ernie-san? Thanks!
Ernie-san, could you send it to me as well? Thank you :)
I'd love to get the link too, Ernie-san :) いつもありがとうございます
Ernie, could you send me the link as well? Thankss :)
Ernie-san, can I please get the link? Thank you!
Would really appreciate the link, thank you Ernie-san! :)
Dear Ernie-san, is it still possible to request the link? Thank you!
Ernie-san, could you please send me the link? Thanks a lot :bow: