I think there are definitely combis who don't quite like each other(like obonkobon) and combis that do! In the case of downtown and ameagari, I don't actually think they dislike each other more so that they just respect each other on a business-partner level :> I tend to like combis where the two pa...
Thank you so much, Ernie ;;m;; I've been looking for this for so long!!
Hi! I'm wondering if anyone could point me the way to getting raws for Shikujiri Sensei? Particularly, I'm looking for the jarujaru segment of it that I believe replayed yesterday as part of a 4hour special :) Thank you!
Thank you Ernie!! M1 always gets me on fire :'0

I was absolutely gutted that JaruJaru didn't win during their last year! But it was a really hard battle ;;v;;
hello! Could I get a link as well? :D Thank you! :>
hello Ernie-san! Could i get a link for this as well? :) Thank you!
Thank you so much :D
Hi Ernie :-) Is it possible to get an updated link for this video? :> :$