Hey, can someone say what happened at the end of the episode? I don't think I got the last "gag" lol it's a little difficult to follow the more subtle cues when you can't speak Japanese =[ Can somebody help me out?! lol Basically: Staff: OK That's the end Hamada: ... Hamada: Already? Hama...
I did a lazy speed sub of this segment after seeing it in the preview at the end of 2016.07.13 (subbed by WDTP)


I subbed this a little while back and posted it on reddit, but I figured maybe some people here don't use reddit and could use the links

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So according to the subber for wall of boxes many years ago, it is #0245, and this is what the all torrent episode lists say too. But that is incorrect, #0245 actually is 検証・梅宮辰夫ヅラ疑惑事件!!, which the video file has named Trial 3 Umemiya Tatsuo Dzura. The episode has no wall of boxes in it So does anyb...
Oh is this episode entirely Monster Idol? That's too bad
October 23rd? Damn wtf
gntd wrote:
I'd love to apply and help, but it seem your site is completely down now? Is this project dead?

They switched sites but haven't updated this post