haven't watched all, but the one with monkey is really lol
thanks for the post
this is my favourite gottsu ee kanji skit ;D love it
yeaaaaaaaah! thanks for this! Didn't expect it to be subbed so fast :D

a million thanks!
great news! arigato gosaimasu! *bow
Mina, I've gone through lots of old gottsu ee kanji videos on youtube and most of them don't have subs, but I try to understand as much as possible Now I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuJBbTi1cqI which has subs, but there is a similar video where matsumoto is stuck in a golf course...
Hey I found a facebook group for gaki no tsukai. Someone uploaded the 5 rangers series, very funny and subbed! credit goes to the original uploader! just join the group so you can watch all 13eps http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=297967022814&oid=304640467341&comments
I love the series, but unfortunatly the vampire ep is down ;( anyway thanks for posting/uploading all the videos!!
I love it! they are all so funny, but subs would be awesome :)
very goood
sank you