Give us a heads up when you guys find one!
Secret: the team has already put people on this episode.
Dynasty wrote:
Did Zurui and co. decided not to sub this year's batsu game?

There isn't any word out he is working on the batsu this year.
It would be quiet frustrating if he is working on it... 2 teams working on 1 batsu is unnecessary :x
It's already looking great, love the logo and nice blog. Very handy. Hope others will be able to join the team and lighten the load for you all. Wish I could help but really appreciate what you do for us lowly unskilled folks. Thanks Soudou! I really appreciate your kind words! And, I myself aint t... Hello Forum members! I want to make you all aware that there is a subbing team in the make that will sub the new year batsu: enthusiastic teachers! The forumpost where updates will be posted: http://www.gaki-...
I can do a part of the subbing/timing/typesetting stuff. Anything except real translating.
Let me know if you need me haha!
hand wrote:
please redownload the captions. i've cut out the ad breaks

Thanks for the captions. I'll be looking into mabye making it into a semi-sub file. (Still have experience with subbing haha).

If it works out into something usefull, i'll post it!
hello fellow Batsu lovers, I unfortunaly missed the live batsu, so I now just want tot wait for the fully subbed batsu to suprise myself haha. But i also haven't followed the threads here for a while and i would like to know if anyone knows who/which group will sub this years batsu? Thanks in advanc...
A little avatar made a long time ago;)
wingslats wrote:
lol....seems like they caught on to'll be at least another day until they're back up folks. Hang tight.

Thanks for the update mate! Nice knowing there is being worked on=p.
Ladies and Gentlemen, you've seen them in French, Korean, and without them. But for the first time ever, in the history of the Earth....after months of delays due to computer repairs, schooling, and work....they are finally done. I bring to you all, the first ever Lincoln episode subbed in English....
Then we could also make a special forum section: Kanzaki's dating show with Kanzaki!

When a girl laughes, you'll have to punish them!
Shibata uploaded part 19-20. Never mind my previous comment!
I am a bit irritated! Look at the Date: Update 8(27/01\11): Part 9 m ... from=embed Part 10 m ... from=embed Update 8(27/01\11): Part 7 m ... from=embed Part 8 m ... spy-08_fun Enjoy. Update 7(27/01\11): Part 5 m ... spy-05_fun Part 6 m ... spy-06_fun Enjoy! RGVEDa Thanks for the heads up, but plea...