Just send an E-mail it doesn't worky anymore to login and register a new account. But it seems it's actual a metter from where i login? From the upper right i can't login at all. Also to register a new account is not possible.

Anyway i'm here again and made it. :D Thank you!
Won't much argue here but the (Season 1-6 (Raw) torrent files are in bad quality. Low bitrates as it gets.

Thx for the advice for the timing of the subs.
Thx. So they only fit to the (Season 1-6 (Raw) Torrent files and also here not perfect timing. Unfortunately these files having a bad quality. :(
Seems to be called as "Treasure Hunter".

Batsu Game 2018/2019 Preview
It's been a while since they published Season 1 with eng subs but i'm confident Season 2 will be better than the first one. The new rules are great and important.

Sounds interesting. Like a Absolutely Tasty spin-off.

Ernie you know what you can send me please? Thanks. :D
Itao's Lip-sync Song Show

Is this the correctly translated title of the episode? I mean it's not with Itao anymore.

Can also have the links of both Part 1 and Part 2? ernie?

Thank you. :D
Great episode. This will be a two parter? Where was Itao? Or didn't I recongnized him and he appeared to sing also?
Maybe we can expect a return from the Batsu Experiment segment also.
Hope it's the old setting. I remember the latest one wasn't that good anymore.
Like last year the extra footage seems to be good. It's a waste not to air Jimmy.
Everyone has different kind of humor. I can get that point of yours. This project is just a parody and in my opinion a good one with much work they put in. Yasutaka Nakata a pseudo producer? He is one of the most talented music producers and not only in Japan. He's not there to show off how great he...
It's happening... A Hamada Bamyu Bamyu release is slated for 16th December 2015!

Image Image

Great show. A clever move to focus on more younger and popular acts. I hope the ratings will be good.

Probably my favorite moment: