I prefer Hamachan puppet :p
the only episodes I know that have subs is the one featured Morning Musume like
Kimatsu Test - Bakajo
Field trip Momusu

also I remember an episodes that Okamura had an audition for Ultraman's villain, I think u can find it at godzzila's Jblog
best Yamazaki Produce so far XD Endo with the catchy lyrics Hamada with le rock song (guess Yamazaki realize Tanaka's voice is kinda.... XD,, at least he looked cool witht the guitar :p) Matsumoto.... he's really suitable for balad song like that, and he seems so serious XDD The Yamazakis... catchy ...
I'm looking forward to it too ^.^
Gaki + Foods Related is mostly enjoyable :D

at 1st, I thought this thread wanna show the cutie girls from AKB

at 1st I was like.. '_'
then I was like... o.o
after that I was like O.O!!!
at last I was like 8D

that's just epic XD
ShadiHD wrote:
muscular body ?

yup, he's been worked out since he settled down and if u watch some latest episodes of gaki, u'll notice the diff XD
*imagine Matsumoto, Chouno and Hard Gay in a wrestling match* *drool*
I hope they'll give more clever jokes and friendly fire instead of so many cameos like the previous no laughing series.
Gaki's Starter is already epic, don't need to have too many cameos, they can still use the staffs anyway XD
can't wait to see how Matsumoto's muscular body got slapped XD
i hope there wont be too many cameo at this year's "no laugh series"
more friendly fire, and more creative gags (like hamada's figurine and how matsumoto play with it XD)
1.) What topic for this year's Batsu do you think it might be? chef :p 2.) What gags will we see return? i really hope nishikawa sensei is back T__T, and karaoke song (from hotel batsu) 3.) How long will this special run? most likely 4-5 hours 4.) Who will laugh the most? (Joke question. We all kno...
well, i do hope new promising titles, not just sequel/prequel, or remake or wtv.
i mean.... MGS, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, FF, RE, etc, etc :^) oh well... it's good games, but...
it's like they're just want to be on the safe zone (like make a simple story into more and more complicated).
just finish watched "koinu no waltz" lol (curious bout this series just bcoz of nacchi :D)
ermm... strange story, epic ending, lack of details, etc, etc

5/10 (5 is for nacchi and the dog :inlove: )
absolutely tasty series :)
some of it is subbed already. one of the best series of gaki no tsukai :inlove:
thanks to you now i'm addicted to this vid :mm:
may i know what software u use? i've try a couple converters (avc, pspvc, avimuxed, etc), but no one can hardsub .ass subtitle :@
thx in advance

nvm, solved :)
Why is everyone so concerned about getting the soft sub file?you don't HAVE to have the soft sub file in order to watch it since the entire thing is already hard subbed.People just always find something to whine about cos some ppls already downloaded RAW video (wether it's SD or HD one), so it's ea...