found subbed one, not a full episode tho.
subbed by [soshi subs]
i'm not the subber neither the uploader, just found it ;)
i saw a couple clip of her @ heyheyhey, but no full episode.
just loved to see how she tease/trick matsumoto.
hopefuly can got a subbed one.
thanks in advance
nishikawa-sensei's segment @ police batsu.
saikyou!! :devil: ... stfr_music
this is a segment when they recall on what happened in the past.
unsubbed, but it's funny :)
Baaa~ka! lol
but still unsubbed ... ostcount=1
lots of pics when/after quake and tsunami.
google person finder, maybe could help someone that have friends or families there.
echie, zurui, shadi, shibata, someone pls sub this one :bow:
rly curious bout what happened here.

btw, is it a compilation show bout matsumoto/downtown
lol, i saw cocorico too.
but, where's yamazaki? :D
suddenly i remember how the other gaki crew make fun of him as "not so funny tarento" :lol:
unsubbed, but quiet funny :)
for some reason, that field remind me of doraemon's playing yard lol
wow, i think i'll be your fans now :lol: :hug:
thanks a lot for all the subs
anyone save this video before youtube delete it? haven't seen this one :(
he means the recaps from DVD version.
viewtopic.php?f=9&t=9 << has the recap video, but unsubbed ;)
just watched forbidden siren starring tanaka naoki :D
rate: 5/10
didnt like the story,, kinda confusing (not twisted, but confusing). what I disappointed is, there's no tanaka epic fall!!!

tanaka + ghost = :rofl:
i remember seeing gaki's obaachan as a DVD cover. forgot the title, something kungfu or what.. maybe someone knew bout this --edit-- found it,, it was shaolin grandma (shorin baabaa),, that obaachan name is Chiyoko Asami --2nd edit-- downloading forbidden siren right now,, just curious to see how ta...