i have a problem with the sub file :(
i use windows 7 with and shark007 codecs
but the sub files can't be loaded XD
the vid and sub file already have a same name.
anyone have the same prob with me? :(

thanks a lot shibata, alex, and all of the gaki no tsukai fans XD
can't wait for the complete subbed file XD

thanks to delli for the multiupload link :)
love it when tsuji nozomi play jankenpon. she's just soo kawaiii~
and seeing ai takahashi and friends so young, LOL
just love them all :devil:

:lol: i'm totally speechless....
what did tanaka said at the end?
btw, tanaka's hair is better than usual :devil:

heipo.... he should participate this kind of game :devil:

thanks a lot.
bobby's face so funny.... and his voice was like.... :lol:
la la la la la... somebody tonight... :lol:

wow, never though can see cocorico in some serious situation like this.
thanks a lot. the 1st episode was amazing.
LOL @ the 2nd episode.... never though it would be end like that...

ah, so sorry.
i only check at batsu game section.
u may close this thread then.
Here's an extra scene from batsu game 2009 that was cut from the original 6 hours batsu game from New Year Eve. http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/8323/thumbs20100114215038.jpg Thanks to the original uploader. Episode 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MKY5KI8P Episode 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QIV...

^^ yeah, that's the best part of onigoko =) my new favourite batsu game thus far 1. Hamada batsu game @ hamada's trial. the song was totally EPIC! 2. police staion. like it how they try to make each other laugh. and nishikawa's segment! 3. Onsen 1 batsu game. since this is the 1st batsu game i know....

it was hohohoi dance =)
endo's dance @ yamazaki VS moriman


i love this part the most =)
good song with awesome lyric :lol:

1. karaoke DVD. lova all the song. :lol:
uuuhhhh~~ yamazaki out angel~ tanaka mo~ yamazaki out angel~ tanaka wa ni hatsu angel~~
:lol: i can't stop laugh even though i already watch it over and over... totally unpredictable
2. hattori-kun (blue ninja @ the end of the game)
3. friendly fire :devil:

rename both of the file to one name.

batsu game 2005.avi
batsu game 2005.srt/ass

then play it with media player classic

SD gundam G generation wars (PS2) :)
but not been playing again recently.

and some online games :P