I couldn't get the MU file. The link kept timing out.
I would like to get a t-shirt that has the strawberry shortcake that Aho Aho Man wears. Too specialized?
If you're feeling adventurous, you could try putting a few pieces of mochi in there as well. They won't have much flavour, but they get nice and gooey. Some people like to put konyaku in there as well, but I would pass. Nori, lettuce, noodles and even gyoza could be added to Iniquiti's list. The sec...
For me, it was Silent Library featuring Ernest Hoost. It wasn't on Youtube though. Some other site that I can't remember. Of course, my reaction was "MOAR". And that's how I discovered Heipo. I think from the moment that Endo had to eat a wasabi root, I knew he was my favourite - just for ...
Modern Family is a sitcom. It's one of my faves, too. Since I'm posting, faves are (in no particular order):
Modern Family, Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory and various detective shows.
What? The duo referred to are License. I don't know the one guy, but the other is Kazuhiro Fujiwara, a.k.a Vaccuum Fujiwara. They don't participate, they just marshall the GnT gang during the challenge.
Higashino has been off the radar a bit, only doing one project since making Ashita Ga Aru Sa: The Movie. He's got another film slated to come out in 2012 called Omuraisu, featuring other Gottsu members Itsuji Itao and YOU. Takashi Fujii's in it too.
Rules: I think judging from the banner, the team has to eat sushi in each of the 23 wards of Tokyo. I don't know how they decide who eats what however.
Who is the actress? Yoko something zawa?
I like several parts of the batsu games, but the ones that stand out for me are the random impressions that the players are asked to do. Piment! and Dankan seemed to get the guys laughing.
Endou: America! Hamada: Greece! Yamazaki: Ukraine! Matsumoto: Umm... Tanaka:(whispering to Ma-chan) Egypt. Matsumoto: Err... Umm... Egypt. Murakami: Why the hell you say it like that? Say it like a soldier! Matsumoto: Egypt!! -- 23.08.2011, 03:28 -- Murakami looks like my mother-in-law. I know, but ...
I had always wondered about her health, ever since I saw her as a police woman in a No Laughing game. Sad to see her go though, she was excellent.
Endou FTW! My vote anyway. I swear I've seen Chuck Wilson in a few American movies, but his IMDB filmography doesn't list them.
Who is Mrs. Itsuji? At first I thought she was just an extra contracted to come the show for 24h tag, but now we can see she's probably part of the Yoshimoto Kogyo machine. Anyone know her real name?