Im also interested about the forum members toughts of this years Batsu. I must say there where manny reconizeble moments in it. The Trial with Endo was mind torture and Chihara Jr. as prosecutor was funny as hell even he had his difficulties to hold his laughter For Chiaki & daughter i find it s...
Fantastic work JordansOcarina! :bow:
Aho Aho Man wrote:
rocky_iwata wrote:
The show sure had as many commercials as an NFL game. :D

with that it proves its popularity :P

But i have to say i didnt found it annoying orso.
The commercials where short compared to other country's where they take forever.
Ap2000 wrote:
Brace for an endless stream of annoying "WHERE R SUBS ? U SUB ?" spam...
iniquiti wrote:
*cracks knuckles* Bring on the endless sub demands. I am ready ]:)

Im ready for it! you guys to i see :devil:
Johnhk wrote:
So is the raw file gonna be posted in this topic?

If a subber eventually will take honor to sub but don't count on it. :geek:
fudex wrote:
Ok lets see...

Matsumoto: 220
Hamada: 195
Yamazaki: 130
Endo: 125
Tanaka: 110

Ouch thats very optimistic if this comes close im happy not to be one of them. :rofl:
Im curious how manny hits they get delivered on their asses. Lets try to predict how manny slaps each member will get. Matsumoto: 155 at least. Hamada: 130 Yamazaki: 115 including Chono Masahiro's mighty hand! Endo: 110 Tanaka: 95 including powerfull thai kick 2x. What do you think? Matsumoto: Hamad...
can a member explaine what the rule where with this challenge?
Watch this where you see Gackt is drunk.
Also his comment on the end is epic. ... re=related
I know its a old topic but i found these Drama's very nice to watch.
Unfortunately i was not able to download these series deu to hd crash and i fogot about it so my question therefore is:
Does sombody has these Drama series for share?
May i request for a mediafire link?
This episode is quite funny with the moonwalk stuff.
Endo is very good at moonwalking thats for sure.
Yozuca x Nobuyoshi Sano - I kotoba

From Nobuyoshi Sano.
He is famous for making many Ost for games like Ridgeracer & Ace Combat and more
Thanx Zauchi this one is just a classic. :D
+1 You are so right johnnyg. Congrats al4bandi on your 100th post Its a shame to see that the ones who are complaining about the subbing speed are registrated for a year or more just to make only one post or less than 5 about the subs and how slow it goes. Not that they are active with the Gaki comm...
Look Im gonna say what we are all thinking, Hurry up with the subs already, im sick of looking at these faggots who are on your dick and kissing your ass saying things like "take as long as you have to"...FUCK THAT, you decided to take the job at subbing, GET TO IT, your pissing alot of p...