Suikoden <-----My favorite series.
Breath of Fire
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
Resident Evil
Metal Gear Solid
Ogre Battle
Star Ocean

In Itao's batsu game, is that the same wife he's had for a while? She kinda looks like the one who dances to Madonna, but her hair's different.

Ok, what does Zorro have to do with Dragon Quest and a water park? Nice episode, just confusing as hell, too.

The Ramones
They Might Be Giants
Most of the Keroro Gunso OPs
One Piece OPs
Rolling Stones

Also, the last part of DVD 5 has the crew doing a live concert of Eccentric Shonen Boy. Its pretty cool.

I don't know if this helps, but the first scene in this video is Eccentric Shonen Boy.

[veoh]v17396760BJjetAJ6 [/veoh]

The Suikoden series, Mother, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Wild Arms, and Breath of Fire 2-4 are some of my favorites.
Hi again, I found this skit also on Megavideo:

It's subtitled.
Hi everyone, found this skit on Megavideo:

Its subtitled and its pretty funny, especially the look Matsumoto gives at the end.

For me, its gotta be 5 Rangers (especially the Boob 5), No Laughing Hospital, and this little skit from Gottsu called 203x that killed me when I saw it the first time.
Hello everyone, does anyone know the song that plays just when the Downtown boys take the stage. I believe they used the song till 1999, and when the song plays, a little message comes on the screen and mentions Sharam Q. I spent a while looking for it, but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreci...

Watched the movie last week and loved it. I found it very interesting in a lot of levels, especially the final scene. Is that really how the world looks like and all the cg we saw previously just stuff that the documentary studio made? Or maybe Dai-Nipponjin died and what we saw was heaven for fight...
Itao was in the Cromarite High School movie, but only for a couple of scenes. Frankly, the manga and the anime are much better than the movie. Freddy doesnt even look like Freddy Mercury!

Sorry for the confusion. I was asking if those episodes can be subbed. I gave the links so anyone willing to try and translate them would have easy access to the episodes.
Hello everyone, I would like to request the Hamada's trial episodes of Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai. The episodes are already on Veoh, in the groups created by mutoatlan. The links for these episodes are: