Truthfully, cause I feel like the vids would just get taken down. I have seen to many vids already killed in youtube.
Haka actually told me of a good way to get around the mainland china requirement. Download Google chrome and the addin, Youku Unblocker. With that addin, you no longer have to worry about being blocked.
Im sorry to ask this, but does anyone have a Mediafire account I can use? I would like to use it to upload all the vids into a better upload site and reupload my other vids.
THANK YOU!!!! It worked wonderfully Godzilla. You are a saint!
For those of you that are having trouble watching Youku vids and getting a message stating that the videos can only be viewed in mainland China, Haka told me of a solution to our problems. Using google chrome, go to the google webstore and search for Youku Unblocker. This will fix the problem , unfo...
142 is up everyone!
The boys are back in the elevator once again, to watch new and veteran comedies perform on each floor of the Geinin Tower. Enjoy. ... r.flv.html
I hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. Godzilla, thank you so much for subbing this show. It's so great!
Great work Godzilla!!!
Naw, I dont mind. Just please title it like the same format i use.
Episode 141 - Captain Tsubasa is up everyone! Come and get it!!!
The No SATNAV race is back, Machan and some of the boys are once again trying to get to a specific location without Satellite Navigation. Who will win? Watch and find out. Enjoy. ... Race_2_flv
Saw Snow White & the Huntsman. Theron made the movie, the Twilight chick almost killed it. It was ok.