In this episode, the boys and comedians are back to tell funny stories and Otake goes through the sword fighting training that Hamada gave him as a gift. Enjoy!! ... aining_flv
You want faster speeds, then find me a reliable site I can upload to that won't be down in another month. If not, deal with it.
This week's episode, 140 is up ladies and gents. Enjoy.
The Mascot contest is back, Hamada and crew have returned to compete to see who is the best Mascot. Enjoy everyone!!!! ... t_Pt_2_flv
It's never too late, Im glad you liked it Vamp.
In this episode, Hamada and a couple of the boys listen to Tomochika as she leads them through several scenes in which the actors use magic, also another rendition of The Pain of Being series. Enjoy. ... o_Show.flv
You rule Godzilla. Thanks for all the vids you do!
The last couple of posts I've done that has the link with torrents and Depositfiles comes from SA.

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139 is up everyone.
You know what's better than an newly translated episode of Game Center CX? Two newly translated episodes of Game Center CX! And this one is our first translation from season 14. It's the episode they said couldn't be done. "How can you translate an episode about a visual novel?" Well, we s...
Know thine enemy, words comedian Shinya Arino takes to heart, as he steps into the mind of one of his greatest enemies, the dreaded Dragon. From translator Zari-gani and timers Miscellaneous14 and Gutcruncher comes the cinematic event of the summer. Wagan Land. Sometimes, revenge is best served hot ...
Yea, it has. I missed when they gave prizes to couples. Especially the punk couple that went to Hawaii.
In this episode the boys try the impossible, to race to a location within the city, without SATNAV (GPS). Can they do it? Watch and find out!
138-Dynamite Heady is up.