The Ultimate Listing of Gaki episodes (updated)

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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Sadly I can't get the .ass file for the timecode. It mean i have to do it myself too. :(
I actually tried translating it sometime ago, but of course I don't know Japanese or French. But I did get help from people so to be honest it may be pretty much done...

Godzillaradio was kind enough to help me with a bit that didn't make sense in the French translation and was Kansai dialect heavy in Japanese. When Housei exits the gallery and says (in the French version) "I dunno who did that." With GodzillaRadio's help I changed it to "Uhh, they seemed startled." Also dael who knows French and some Japanese modified parts so I will credit them too. :nod:

I also added a few lines that weren't in the French translation. "Samui" - It's cold (when he's standing outside the TV studio freezing). And "shirande" or "shiranai" - I dunno or I dunno about this (when he's outside Parliament and feels unsure/scared to disturb the peace).

I was waiting to see if someone I gave the file to for further checking/tweaking might release it but I think they got busy. I'll tweak it a bit, credit those who contributed and release it as is sometime. Someone else can always fix it up further if there is a glaring problem I guess! :sweat:
Give me dat ass file and I'll take a look. I've got the Kiki Cheese done about 75%, the only reason I'm not putting it out there is because I was recently contacted on collaborating on a couple of episodes of DERO, TORE and ItteQ and I was going to request them on helping me complete the Kiki subs after the other party and I have established a good communication. Unless someone here is really impatient then I can just upload whatever I've already got done.
jhivesubs wrote:
Give me dat ass file and I'll take a look.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :D

Well since you asked so nicely sure hahaha :rofl:
I just need to mix the corrections from one file into another due to the difference in video resolutions used.
Bit busy with Christmas coming up but will get that to you sometime, thank you it is very kind of you to offer to check it over!

Likewise there is absolutely no rush on Kiki Cheese, I am glad to hear you'll be getting some help with it. Best of luck on the TORE, DERO etc. episodes, those are fun shows. Housei was on episode 2011.09.14 of TORE and I think Endo was on another. But I guess they're asking you to do more recent episodes?
Updated so now it has all episodes listed, missing english translations for most episode names though. It's editable by anyone so hopefully it'll stay up to date.
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