Episode #1139 13.01.27 New Years Party Yama-1 Grand Prix 1/2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
didn't see it up yet so thought i go ahead and post.

This week its the New Years Party with new comedy talent contest judge by Tsukitei Hosei ( Yama-Chan to us) No Hamada because of flu.

Enjoy! ;)
Tsukitei Hosei it sounds so awful
Anyway thanks for the link! :bow:

Could be wrong but I think the banner on stage says Yamasaki Hosei so I guess still using his real name interchangeably?

Its apt that its called the "Yama-1 Grand Prix" as I believe Yamasaki is going to be co-hosting for R-1 Grand Prix 2013 (or at least is doing a lot of PR for it). I think it's like the M-1 Grand Prix which focused on Manzai acts with R-1 being for acts in general.
The silhoutte artist was pretty impressive.

I also liked Shin-Onii's little cameo and this guy's reactions.
hamada wasn't there because he had type a flu at the time of filming
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh i want subb to this party ;( ;(
I just found out the last girl of this part, Kintaro, actually won the 18th Tunnels' monomane contest last December.
第24回 ガキの使いやあらへんで! チキチキ 今年もヘビー級の笑いで頑張るん蛇! 新春大新年会~!!
山崎邦正プレゼンツ! 第7回 山-1グランプリ!! (前編)
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