Ep #1148 13.03.31 Costume Talk

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown

Google Translate of some of the talk content (not accurate of course so take it with a grain of salt or a whole bag of salt :D ).
Matsumoto continue to take medicine for a week, H. pylori, a bacterium that leads to diseases such as gastric cancer ravaged the stomach. Matsumoto commented on Tsukitei, "Do we have similar to (Masachika Ichimura) Ryoko Shinohara husband". Furthermore, Fujiwara from License had surgery soon, a disease called hydrocele testis.

Matsumoto, Tsukitei said to be similar to (Masachika Ichimura) husband Shinohara Ryoko and thin lost 8 kilograms in 2 months on a diet. Matsumoto, Tsukitei spoke with which minimizes libido listening to classical music.

Shozo Endo has appeared determined to right behind the drama of Downtown DX. Tsukitei told Downtown "Fangs! These guys have sharpened fangs".

Character "Shinichi Sakata おっさん" appeared loosely in Amagasaki. The tiny old man “is having PR advertise the Amagasaki city with the character of the person who does not have administrative support".
I told the source that fits everything Amagasaki wonderful source that is famous, Shinichi Sakata little bitty guy recently and could COCOE in front of the station.

One of the topics is Tsukitei's recent weight loss, no more sticky-out stomach it seems that made Endo crack up laughing in the Onsen batsu. :lol: Press photos from a conference thing Tsukitei did with some others relating to it:
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Awesome photos wIth slim Tsukitei-chan.
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