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Ep #1147 13.03.24 The Hamada Vegas Show Part 2

Posted: 24.03.2013, 16:36
by soudou

The Gaki team must gamble Vegas style on which "Hamada" they think will win in each challenge (if they can bear to look at the "creepy/scary" faces as they put it).
Part 1: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4668

Google translate from bits of a Japanese TV guide (not accurate of course but maybe adds some details here and there).
Four Hamada wrestlers compete in a tournament. Which Hamada is expected to win. Program staff will be senior to play against in the face of suffering sumo Hamada.
Naguri Hamada wins. Endo Shozo won four gold.

Tsukitei Hosei has not won the most Hamada gold at this point, so must play a game to get rid of the toy Hamada cockroach in the kitchen. As a result, Tsukitei Hosei won 10 gold Hamada by getting rid of one of them.

アンガールズ comedy duo appear wearing the face of Hamada to compete in a challenge for the longest soak in a boiling water bath. As a result, the record of 11 seconds goes to Yamane Hamada. Tanaka Hamada's record was 7 seconds. Endo Shozo became the current top winner.

Time for the Hamada dance showdown, Hamada Afro and Hamada Dreadlocks appear. In this last game, Matsumoto Hitoshi et al bet all the Gold Hamada in his possession.
Then, Itao's wife appeared to dance wearing the face of Hamada and wins all. Itao Itsuji received his fee. Matsumoto Hitoshi gave the name of Akihiko Okamoto Yoshimoto Creative Agency.

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Re: Ep #1147 13.03.24 The Hamada Vegas Show Part 2

Posted: 05.02.2018, 13:27
by ErnieYoung
THE浜田ベガスSHOW (後編)!7Z9lRbrb
Gaki_130324_#1147_THE HAMADA VEGAS SHOW (2).zip