Episode #1171 2013.09.15 - Negativity Prohibited! Heat Tour

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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The boys (one in particular ;) ) have been too negative recently, so the staff decide to give them something to really complain about: a summer heat endurance trip with a batsu for the worst grumbler. A special guest will only add to their woes.


http://downtownlaugh.blog76.fc2.com/blo ... 14766.html

Download on Zippyshare: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/74384894/file.html

And on Mega: https://mega.co.nz/#!McIRBRiD!GgCoWnE6t ... ejIYMd-ozE

Fun episode, though heat like that is my worst nightmare.
Link leads to kiki fish sausage episode though...
Shouldn't it be http://downtownlaugh.blog76.fc2.com/blo ... 14766.html instead?
Whoops. Heat must have been getting to me. Link now fixed.
Funny episode ! I never noticed *this guy* complains a lot about everything, haha !
But what was the batsu at the end ?

stay in a hot car for a long ride ?
angelpick wrote:
But what was the batsu at the end ?

stay in a hot car for a long ride ?

Get back home with the heater on (44°)
Funny episode and probably the best in a while. I wish there was some subs here, but it was nice!
Is it a two-part show? I didn't see any batsu either except maybe when they eat the horse.
The batsu game is at the end, driving back ALONE in a 44 degrees hot car. ;)
seiryoden wrote:
Fun episode, though heat like that is my worst nightmare.

yes, very funny episode and a horrible batsu!

I tought maybe this episode could be matsumoto's birthday celebration, but I suppose the cake on lincoln was it all |(
Great episode. The theme for it reminds me of an early 90's episode they did during the summer where if they answered quiz questions wrong they kept having to add an extra piece of warm clothing etc.
Being in that ferris wheel carriage with Hamada and Heipo must of been unbearable :rofl:
:D this episode is so funny!
Loved how Downtown just cracked it at the end and started complaining like hell :lol:
Don't mean to bump an old topic but I need some help.

Does anyone have this episode with 1104x622 resolution or higher and not this 143mb one? All the blogs/video sites end up with 404 which is odd.. I'm trying to complete my 2013 HD folder which I aim to upload at some point.

Id be eternally grateful if someone happen to snatch this up before it disappeared.
Very interested by your HD folder. Yesterday i started to do so but only with the Ernie Young upload (1080i ~650mb by episode) and I think ii got this one!

Edit: Sorry I misread, i only have the 2014 one wich is available on the forum.
ahh bummer :( I "think" I may have found it on pandora.tv but I'm not sure as I don't have premium.

Thinking of buying it but i cant work out how to download from certain stream sites, rtmpdump flashget and the like dont seem to work on my computer. only online downloaders do and i cant find one for pandora.
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