Episode #1267 2015.08.09 - Are Scary Stories Really Scary?

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Seems like a simple premise: guests of different nationalities come in and tell scary stories from around the world to see whether they are indeed scary.

The difference: for some reason they are eliciting laughter out of the listeners who find it funny for some reason...

On some talk shows they seem to do "Japanese urban legend" episodes like that, interesting that this will be an international one. I wonder if the guests themselves will create laughter or if it'll be something unexpected in the story, like laughing at how incredulous the story is. Sadly seems like one that will be lost on those of us who don't know Japanese. :(
I hope they bring in Tomomitsu Yamaguchi for this. I don't know the format, but that guy can tell some creepy stories over radio. Even if he's some sort of emcee, he can really set the mood.
Sounds interesting, looking forward to it. Can't be worst than last episode, it was terrible :@
世界の怖い話は本当に怖いのか!? 世界怪談サミット2015
Gaki_150809_#1267_World Ghost Story Summit 2015.zip
H265 deinterlaced mkv version
https://mega.nz/#!t1MGTKJB!6aFAnyJFU_to ... TMXD2Zp96Y

I think i found a good quality/size ratio, but it take me 2h30 to encode. :lol:

-A recent PC is recommanded or it wont play fine.
- you need vlc or mpc-hc to play it.
- Open Hour Chameleon media center, can play it on TV.
- Recent 4k tv are native compatible.